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These are questions asked by PerKirkegaard

I am teaching math i high school and we are using Maple. 

A lot of times the students forget to save their work. This is a problem if it is during a test, and the computer runs into problems.

The problem is that their document is called Untitled and i have a problem finding the file. 

The file that Maple usually creates is MAS.BAK file, but when they forget to save, I can't seem to find anything. 

The problem occurs in both MAC computers as well as PC.

Can anyone help.


A student of mine has a problem, when trying to open a *.mw file directly from Finder, by double clicking og right-click and choose Open or Open with.  

Maple will prompt - the file does not exist.


If she uses Maple and and opening the same file thru file -> open etc. There is no problem. 


Any suggestions?

Kind regards 

Per Kirkegaard



Hej Mapleprimes,

I am making Maple sweat over a simple problem


right click and solve for variable x. 

So far Maple has been working for 10 minutes at allocatet 2 GB 

memory.  And no answer yet. 

Is there a short way to solve this faster?


Kind regards 

Per Kirkegaard

Is there a simple way to see wich packages that I have loaded, without being forced to see thru the entire document?

When I open My Maple 18 on my Macbook pro, with all updates on the operating system and on Java, my Maple starts up fine, but when I press 2+2 and the enter, nothing happens.


I have tried reinstalling Maple, without any change of the problem


Per Kirkegaard

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