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I expected

int(x^(-13/10), x):


but i get

int(x^(-13/10), x=1/1000..1000);

I want to use a color function with RGB-values in plot3d. Can somebody explain why

I want to interpolate two colors

CI := proc(r)
   local X, Y;
   X := [0, 100/255, 0];  Y := [1,1,1];   
   #return r*X+(1-r)*Y
   return [r*X[1]+(1-r)*Y[1], r*X[2]+(1-r)*Y[2], r*X[3]+(1-r)*Y[3]]
end proc: 

plot3d(0, x=0..1, y=0..1, style=surface, axes=boxed, orientation=[-90,0], color=CI(x));

works. However the first version with return r*X+(1-r)*Y fails. Why? Both give the same result for CI(0.9) and true for type(CI(0.9),list).



This refers to standard (no problem with classic) and was asked before. However, it does not work for me.

With a German Windows XP and Maple 12 plot(sin(x), x=0..2*Pi) shows 0,5 on the y-axis, where I want 0.5. I tried tools>options>language settings and kernelopts(locale). This shows "English_United States.1252" -- but the comma persists. I changed the Windows language setting to EN -- this gives me the wrong keyboard, but still 0,5 as ticklabel. Please help!




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