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Thank you very much for the work.

It worked very well. I've more files like this. So this is very very useful.


I solved my problem by making a list of probabilities once and then search in this list. Not a very elegant solution, but good enough for my purpose.
If someone knows a more elegant way, I'm always interested.

Make probability list
> ProbList:=proc(lambda,kmin)
local P,i,p,k:
P:=[seq(0,k=0..kmin-1)]: p:=0:
for k from kmin to 1000 do
return P:
end proc:
Search probability list
> SearchList:=proc(P,s)
local i:
while s>P[i] do i:=i+1: od:
return i-1:
end proc:
Generate random sample of size N from power law distribution (k>=kmin) with parameter g
> GenSample:=proc(lambda,kmin,N)
local P,U,S,k,f:
end proc:


How does Maple draw a sample from an Exponential distribution.
It has more or less the same structure as a power-law distribtution, although the power-law is (in my case) discrete.
But sampling from an exponential distribution is so very fast.
Is there a possibility to use the same procedure as Maple does for my power-law distribution?


Thanks for this procedure.
Problem is that I really need large (n>1000) and many samples to find the critical values for a Kolmogorov Smirnov statistic.
Using fsolve for all elements in the sample, makes the procedure quite slow.
Is there a way to avoid this?

At least, I realize now that I can use the built-in Zeta fuction. That is already one improvement.

local i:
end proc:

But I don't think that the ZetaII function is causing the problem. I get the same problem if I make the piecewise function simpler.
See, the example below. The total sum of probabilities equals 1, since f(1)=f(2)=f(3)=1/3.

> f:=piecewise(k>0 and k<4 and k::integer,1/3,0):
Error, (in simplify) too many levels of recursion

Even if I make it a continuous distribution, I get an error, although a different one then before.

> f:=piecewise(k>=1 and k<=3,1/3,0):




Error, (in Statistics:-Sample) 1.000300000 .. FAIL is an invalid range


I really have no idea what goes wrong.

Thanks for helping.


The maple tags didn't show nice. This is what I meant:


f:=simplify(piecewise(k>=kmin and k::integer, k^(-lambda)/ZetaII(lambda,kmin),0));
ND:=Distribution(PDF = unapply(f,k));


I use Maple 12. Thank for your suggestion. By that I can at least change the colors of nodes and edges.
I suppose that it is impossible to change the form of the nodes as well? For me, it would be better if they were circles with a black boundary.

But thanks a lot for your reply.

It worked

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