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All: I am comparing examples of Lower Sums, Upper Sums, and Random Partitioned Riemann Sums. For the lower and upper sums, the leftbox and rightbox commands produce satisfactory box shading results, green RGB(.7,.9,.7). For example: leftbox(x,x=0..2, 4); However, I can't get the RiemannSum command to shade. I have used all of the tricks that I know of and all that I can do is change the color of the outline of the boxes. For example: RiemannSum(x, x = 0..2, partition=2, method=lower, output=plot, showarea=false, outline=false, boxoptions=[color=black, thickness=2], thickness=3, title="", tickmarks=[5,6], labels=["",""], scaling=unconstrained, refinement = random, functionoptions = [legend="", color=RED], partition=random[.75]);
What is the RGB color designation for the default green shading color that Maple uses? For example, the green shading color generated when using the command with(student); leftbox(x,x=0..2); Thanks all.
All: I am trying to find the critical points for f(x):=((x-1)^2)^(1/3)-.5*x^2 over [-2, 2] It has two stationary points solve(diff(((x-1)^2)^(1/3)-.5*x^2,x)=0,x); -.5732093133, 1.180229770 and one singular point. 1 But CriticalPoints(((x-1)^2)^(1/3)-.5*x^2, x); only finds -.5732093133, 1 Can anyone explain why? Thanks
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