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How is vertical text created in a plot?  It would be similiar to using the labeldirection option set to "vertical", but my text in question will be an annotation within the field of the plot.  A more general question would be how to place rotated text within a plot.    

I am trying to shade the area under an arc between it and the x-axis but I can't get it to work. I have used "filled=true". According to my interpretation of the plot tools help page it should work. Any suggestions. Thanks much!

I have recently upgraded to Maple 14, and I can no longer cut and paste syntax between components when I am editing their properties.  Is this normal, or do I have to adjust a setting?




Sometimes when I integrate through an infinite discontinuity Maple outputs "undefined" as in the simple case: int(1/x,x=-1..1);

and with some I get "Infinity", as in the case: int(sec(x)^2,x=0..Pi);

What is the nuance in play here?  Is it with the math or with Maple?



I am trying to export a shaded plot with the transparency set to approximately 0.5 so that the gridlines are visible under the shading.  I am exporting it as an EPS for viewing in Ghostscript and/or LaTex.  Here is a simple example.

pf:=plot(x,x=1..5, view=[0..5.5,0..5.5], gridlines=true, tickmarks=[5,5], thickness=2);

pfshading:=plot(x,x=1..5, view=[0..5.5,0..5.5], gridlines=true, tickmarks=[5,5], filled=true, color=COLOR(RGB,.7,.9,.7), transparency=.5);


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