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Hi, it seems I have an unusual situation and I have been unable to find a way to solve it. Hopefully someone can help. I have an overdetermined system; 14 equations, 4 unknowns. The unknowns are restricted to particular ranges (roughly 0 to 500).
Hello, this is kind of a newb problem, and isn't even terribly important cause it's just an irritant, but I'd love to know how to get around it. The problem s that Maple occasionally pulls constants out of fractional equations and puts them separately at the front. This might sound confusing so here's an example of what I mean. Take the following two equations: sigma[1] := (sqrt(T^2+1))/(4*(K+sqrt(T^2+1))); sigma[2] := (sqrt(T^2+1))/(4*K*(1+sqrt(T^2+1)));
Hello, this is my first post here and I'm relatively new to Maple. I'm using version 10 (fully updated) and have been struggling for the better part of the past two days with what should be a simple fix. I have two functions which I am equating, and then using Solve to put it in terms of one of the variables. Maple is consistently, and for a range of different functions, returning incomplete solution sets. Sometimes it is aware the set is incomplete whereas other times it is not, returning only a single result where there should be two (or more).
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