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Hi !

Sorry but there is a bug in the "combine" command when combining double summations.
 Maple 2017,2018 and 2020 all give me a wrong answer. I have an old version of Maple which gives the correct answer.
I have put an example in the attached file.


Best regards

Hi !
I have been working for a long time to evaluate several infinites summations .
I often use a command like  "simplify(combine(sum1-sum2))"  to check if both summations are equal .
Now ,I found that the "simplify" command is not reliable at all . Check my file "simplify.mw" .
I have Maple 2017 and 2018 on Windows 10 .
I'm angry because I have to double check all of my work trying not to use this buggy command.
If someone can confirm that the 2020 version of Maple has an improved "simplify" command , I will buy it immediately.
Thank you !
Hi !
I have several infinite sommations to evaluate. Maple 2018 on Windows 10 often gives me the solution in terms of hypergeometric functions. I know that the solution can be expressed in terms of sines and cosines.
I am not familiar with sumtools or Sumtools packages.
The convert (expr, StandardFunctions) or simplify (expr, hypergeom) commands do not work.
Here is an example of a sommation to evaluate.
My old version of Maple V release V (1997 version)  gives me the desired result with the same commands.

Is there a command that forces Maple to give me the solution in terms of sines and cosines ?
I don't have Mathematica. I hate Mathematica with its difficult syntax but I have access to a computer with Mathematica.
There is a "FunctionExpand" command which converts hypergeometrics into standard functions.
For the previous summation it works very well.
Thanks !


Here's the recurrence equation I'm trying to solve and the weird answer that Maple 2018 gives me on Windows 10.

Out of curiosity, I started my old computer with  Windows 2000 and Maple V release V (1997 version).
I typed the same lines as before. I got the answer I was looking for immediately.
Answer which I easily improved.
What's happening ?     What am I doing wrong ?

I am often excited by the the latest versions of Maple but recently I have been rather surprised by the things it cannot do.
When that happens, I remember the story of the guy who wants to sell a great watch to another guy.
"This watch is full of new gadgets:
 gps, heart rate, body temperature, outside temperature, micro camera, voice recorder, email, internet ...
Only one problem . It doesn't tell time . "
Best regards .
 1)  Copy/paste problem .
 Looks like Maple is not able to copy/paste the output
 from a summation command . Look at my example .
 I have to use the  " lprint " command .
2)   Mysterious small box character .
 Suppose I want to edit a command . I want to replace a character with a left bracket
 (or right bracket or left accolade but strangely not the right accolade).
 I put the cursor on the character and type the left bracket (or right...) .
 The left bracket ( or right ...)  is inserted . Now when I try to delete the character,
 a small box appear . The  character I am trying to delete is shifting to the right .
  Like  I said , just a little annoying .
3)  Open file problem .
 The first file I open in Maple with the  ctrl-o command , the "open file window" appears in
  the center of the screen . All the others files I am opening , the "open file window"  show up
  in the bottom left corner , top center or top right corner ... randomly .
  Very annoying on a 27" screen . For this last one ,I am not shure  if it is a Maple 2018 problem
   or a Windows 10 64 bits problem . I have few programs in my computer .
  When I use Microsoft Paint or Wordpad ,I don't see this problem .
  I don't know if somebody else can confirm those annoying things . If I am not the only one
  then I am hoping the next updates or versions will fix that .
    Thanks !
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