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Good day,

I have a problem with inequalities plotting (trsh_con.mw). I need to plot them(eq5,eq7) in the same box. But I get the wrong solution. The plot not giving me correct region for 2 inequalities. I attach the mw file. Are there any options to overcome such problems?

Thanks in advance.


Good day, I need to 2D plot from points which I get by solving numerically 17-degree equations. Firstly I take an only first solution of the equation as below, and I have a Matrix with 3 column which represents X, Y, and VALUE respectively. On the left side should be the first column ( X ), and right axis Y (2. column). As seen from Matrix X and Y getting the value between 0 and 10. Is there any option that I can plot my data in 2D?  Thanks in advance.

points := seq(seq(seq(Fun[n, i, j], n = 0 .. step), i = 0 .. step), j = 1);
Mat := Matrix((step+1)^2, 3, [points]);
         .                             X                  Y                 VALUE
pointplot3d(Mat, style = point, color = black);

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