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It works, thank you so much @Kitonum  :)

@acer I got your point, you right, I am confused too can't understand what i should plot. But I am really thankful for your help, listcontplot will be useful for me thanks a lot.

@acer It says on the figure that, panel show a color scale plot of the relative frequency of (βkp, T⊥p/Tkp) for data. The overplotted curves show the contours of the maximum growth rate (in units of ωcp).


Thank you so much for the very useful knowledge and help @acer. as you wrote I think I need log scale, I need to get the curve (solid curves, or dashed curves) as on the picture, is it possible? I think pointplot3D gave me the correct plot but I need 2D.

Thanks a lot for your reply@tomleslie, maybe I wasn't so clear I apologize for that, now I add my program and plot which I need exactly to get like this picture, maybe it is kind of contour plot, but I really confused how to plot this in  Maple. 

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