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With twenty years of Industrial experience and twenty years of teaching experience, I am now as retired Professor, using Maple to teach mathematics subject for students studying X to XII standards. Published XII Mathematics books.

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How do i proceed to solve two differential equations?

Two equations two unknowns is easy to solve in polynomial algebraic equations. Example: x+y=5; x-y=3; The solution is x=4; y=1 by adding the equations we arrive at.

The two equations are second order differential equations with two variables say temperature T (x,y) and velocity c(x,y). Assume any simple equation (one dimensional as well i.e. T(x) and c(x) which you can demonstrate with ease, I have not formulated the exact equations and boundary conditions yet for SI Engine simulation.

Thanks for comments, suggestions and answers expected eagerly.


y(t) = _C1*exp(-1.*t)*sin(.57736*t)+_C2*exp(-1.*t)*cos(.57736*t)

The answer i got for a DE raised in mapleprime is given above.

What command do i write now to get a plot of the same?

Ramakrishnan V

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