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I am currently a student at CSU Stanislaus. I am studding to become a Primary School Teacher. Eventually however I plan on attaining my P.H.D. in mathematics and my Masters in Biology. (If I can ever get over my problems with algebra). However I love Geometry and in a recent class I deduced a Pythagorean Triplet with sides in the 6.0x10^7 range, I loved that class exercise. Also in another class homework exercise we were working with some very basic Euclidean Geometry problems and I ended up proofing one out without knowing it. The point here is I am an intuitive when it comes to math and have always enjoyed math even if am not that good at Algebra (I am getting better thanks to a certain Professor A.) I am now using Maple 10 and my professor is constantly looking over my shoulder as he is evaluating it and deciding how our campus will upgrade. I am a world traveler as I was an Army BRAT and a Veteran of the USAF, I have 2 continents left to visit in my life. Also for any who are into PSY tests and don’t stereotype me but I am an ENTP on the MBPT. Well I have played enough time to do what I came to the site to do. . . . . . Homework help. P.S. If anyone out there has a more geometric or spatial way of looking at Algebra please drop me a line.

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First TY Scott Ok so I am a Calculus Student who has found I can replicate many problems from my text in MAPLE. I am a visual geometric learner, whcih is a reason I LOVE my MAPLE software. Translation I like to see what problems do graphically and numerically. Often professors inform me that you cant have a visual picture for every problem, but if I have a general immage in my head of what the problem does in theory then it helps me to know where the problem is going. Example we all know x^2 and all the shifts reflecctions and stretching and compressing that can occur -f(x), f(-x), f(x+c), f(x-c), f(x)+c, etc. I may be getting a bit to wordy here so On to the questions and better examples. In my text book (Single Variable Calculus 5e, James Stewart) in appendix A we are working with Sets, elements of sets, unions, intersection, etc. OUT OF BOOK pg A3 For instance, the set A consisting of all positive integers less than 7 can be written as A={1,2,3,4,5,6} We could also write A in set-builder notation as A={x|x is an integer and 0 "(a,b)={x|a
Did I not explain the questions well enough or does no one know? Also after another about 2 hours I found the answer to question Three so if you have a comment on it I know there is probably more then one way to do it but here is what I found on it. plot(5-x^2, x = 1 .. 2, filled = true); So could someone at lleast post a I dont know so I know that people at least care that college students are interested in MAPLE and Continuing the knowledge base.
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