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I am currently a student at CSU Stanislaus. I am studding to become a Primary School Teacher. Eventually however I plan on attaining my P.H.D. in mathematics and my Masters in Biology. (If I can ever get over my problems with algebra). However I love Geometry and in a recent class I deduced a Pythagorean Triplet with sides in the 6.0x10^7 range, I loved that class exercise. Also in another class homework exercise we were working with some very basic Euclidean Geometry problems and I ended up proofing one out without knowing it. The point here is I am an intuitive when it comes to math and have always enjoyed math even if am not that good at Algebra (I am getting better thanks to a certain Professor A.) I am now using Maple 10 and my professor is constantly looking over my shoulder as he is evaluating it and deciding how our campus will upgrade. I am a world traveler as I was an Army BRAT and a Veteran of the USAF, I have 2 continents left to visit in my life. Also for any who are into PSY tests and don’t stereotype me but I am an ENTP on the MBPT. Well I have played enough time to do what I came to the site to do. . . . . . Homework help. P.S. If anyone out there has a more geometric or spatial way of looking at Algebra please drop me a line.

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FIRST-- I can not figure out how to enter a problem containing Set-Builder Notation? Specifically the use of the symbol in my math book "|" which means "Such That" here is an example. (a,b)={x|a<x<b} it give me an error with this form of notation Second --How do you plot on a number line, also called real line, points, line segments, rays, or lines? Third(and final for today) -- is there any way to sketch regions on the Cartesian coordinate system for problems like absolute(y)<1, y=1, or x>0 these problems will fill in areas of the plot in the quadrants? Ok after some 30+hrs of research on my own and with my fellow students I turn to you for help now. . . . Please help, and thank you.
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