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I'm seeing strange behavior when I try to numerically solve the heat equation with radiative boundary conditions (heat flux proportional to 4th power of surface temperature).  I set up a simple example of a plate that sees 300K on one side and 310K on the other.  Two obvious flaws in the solution of the radiative example are that the slope of the curve always has the wrong sign at the left boundary (sometimes wrong on both boundaries), and that the solution runs away...

I'm numerically solving, using pdsolve on Maple 9, the diffusion-recombination equation. I'm interested in the long time behavior after a very short time excitation pulse. Ideally, pdsolve would have the capability to use a small time step for the initial part followed by a larger time step later. Otherwise, I could take the result of a calculation with a short time step as an initial condition for a calculation with a long time step. If anyone knows how to do either of those things, I would be grateful. Thanks, Richard
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