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My login is rejected and I need a new password, again, and again.

I tried it under

Windows Xp- Firefox2.16, Firefox3, IE7, Opera9

Linux(Ubuntu)-Firefox2.14, Opera9

Since it is very uncomfortable I ask help, idea, suggestion.

Many thanks in advance and sorry a little bit off-topic.




SetCoordinates( 'cartesian'[x,y] ):

Problem: find the length of the curve y=(x/2)^{3/2}. Using VectorCalculus Maple11 says

In pdsolve and dsolve the answer contains  _C1  and  _F1  ( _C1 is arbitrary constant, _F1 is arbitrary function).

Instead of them I would like to obtain  [; c_1\quad F_1 ;].

How is it possible?

Thanks, Sandor

When I solve the equation

ode := diff(y(x), x, x) = t*y(x)+1



everything is ok,

y(x) = exp(sqrt(t)*x)*_C2+exp(-sqrt(t)*x)*_C1-1/t

However, when I want to solve the system

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