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Hi friends

Could you please give hints to solve the integral



Hi dears

Just a simple question: I am trying to restore the coefficients of a polynomial in a vector, respect to a list of variables. For example

    f := a u[] u[1] u[2] + c u[2] v[] v[1] + d u[] u[2] v[1] + d u[] v[1] v[2] + b u[1] u[2]+fu[]v[]
       (a u[] + b) u[1] u[2] + (c v[] + d u[]) u[2] v[1] + d u[] v[1] v[2]+fu[]v[]


in above example I intend to keep (a u[] + b) and (c v[] + d u[]) and d and fu[]v[] in a vector or a varieble. Is there any comments?

Thanks indeed in advence

I am newcommer in Maple. I am using Maple 2019. Just a simple question;

solve(x^2-3*x+4=0, x);


1.50000000000000 + (9.09238836013723*10^(-59))*I, 1.50000000000000 - (9.09238836013723*10^(-59))*I

instead I need to show in the forms of radiacal. I have also the problem in dsolve command;


with the result

y(x) = (2.73949338633639*10^(-116) + (2.73949338633639*10^(-116))*I)*_C1 + (1. + (2.73949338633639*10^(-116))*I)*_C2

Thanks indeed in advance


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