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I'm trying to create an interactive tutorial for students. Let's say, for the sake of example, that I want to show step by step how to complete the square. First, the user enters an expression into a text field or math container. Then, when the user clicks a button, Maple takes the expression and outputs multiple lines detailing the steps in completing the square. Preferably, all of these steps would be shown in the same math container. I can find no easy and direct way of setting the value of a math container to have multiple lines of math. I'm continuing to search, but does anyone know of a way?
It may seem like a simple question, but we believe that there is some sort of bug/error in Maple that is interfering with Maple's capability to save as Classic. I apologize that I have not been able to devise a method to exactly reproduce this result. It's hit-or-miss. It seems to be the case that this error crops up in Classic worksheets (and, in theory, would happen on a Windows machine if one were to open and edit a Classic worksheet in Standard Maple). On Linux and Mac (OS X 10.04) machines, when we open a Classic worksheet, edit it, and try to save (just Save, not Save As. Just ctrl+s or apple+s), the warning dialogue box will come up telling us that there may be elements in the worksheet not compatible with the Classic worksheet format. We select Ok and the worksheet is supposed to save at this point; however, there are many times that it will not save. If we immediately try to save again, it will usually save that time.
We have an automated grading system and sometimes students assign values to variables that are useful in grading their assignments. In order to get around this I've been tinkering with the anames() command (specifically, anames(user)), but I cannot seem to get a usable list of "in use" variable names: Every time I try to get Maple to use the list that anames(user) returns, I get the evaluated variable and not the variable name. Example: >a:=4; >anames(user)[1]; 4 Does anyone know how I can get a usable list of variable names that have been assigned values?
I was wondering if anyone was familiar with an easy way to embed or hide information into a Maple worksheet (Classic worksheet or Maple 9/9.5 standard worksheet, NOT a Maple 10 standard worksheet)? I want to be able to be able to have something equivalent to a checksum. We are producing Maple worksheets as homework for students, and I want to have something that the sudent cannot easily change to make sure that he or she is not submitting a friend's homework.
My students are sometimes asked to use Maple commands that give multiple answers (solve and dsolve, most commonly) and then are asked to select a certain solution out of those returned. E.G. dsolve(diff(y(x),x) = 1/2*(6*x^3+2*sin(8*x)^2)/(y(x)^2)); returns 1 real solution and 2 complex solutions. The students are asked to select the real solution and assign it to a variable. I have making sure that Maple will select the correct solution out of the set (or list or sequence) for me by using complicated if statements. E.G. The first part of the if statement I use for the dsolve() command above is if evalf[50](subs({x=1,_C1=1},Re(rhs(solsde[1])))) =evalf[50](subs({x=1,_C1=1},rhs(solsde[1]))) then real_solution:=rhs(solsde[1]); fi; I leave off the two elif parts after the first if ... then for the sake of brevity.
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