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We have an expression p*(-1+p)*hypergeom([1, 1], [2], 1-p)*hypergeom([1], [], 2-p), which can be simplified to p*ln(p)/(-1+p), but how it can be simplified to p*hypergeom([1,1],[2],1-p) in Maple? Thanks.
What would be the simplest or fastest way to replicate this
sequence using Maple? Thanks.
I wonder if there are interesting newsletters and magazines (or even journals) devoted immediately to Maple using/programming. This link seems obsolete; can anyone help me create a list of useful subscriptions, RSS feeds included? Thank you all in advance.
There's a discussion on generating cross-correlated sequences(, but how do I create a sequence of correlated random variables from an arbitrary distribution? How do I test a given time series (list,vector) for a possible autocorrelation (serial dependence) with maple? Thanks.
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