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What did I do wrong, or why does Maple 11's cumulative distribution function (cdf) for Statistics:-GammaDistribution differ from what theory suggests? Thanks heaps.

Can maple rsolve equations of the type y(t)=sum(b(t),1..y(t-1)) for y? Thanks.

Why lhs cannot be resolved? Well, it can be, in fact, if the interval is t=0..0.03, say, but I need to use t=0..infinity, or t=0..smthbigenough. Thanks.

fsolve(1-erfc((1/2)*sqrt(2)*sqrt(t)) = 0.5e-1, t, t = 0 .. infinity) = fsolve(1-erfc((1/2)*sqrt(2)*sqrt(t)) = 0.5e-1)


My algorithm counting the number of data points between consequitive positive integers in a list seems to be very slow. I suspect there may be a considerable improvement - please help see how to achieve it. If it can be done faster with zeros only, let it be so. See Thanks.


When the parameter of the Poisson distribution is less than

Statistics:-Sample(RandomVariable(Poisson(10^(-307))), 1)

or greater than

Statistics:-Sample(RandomVariable(Poisson(10^6)), 1),

error NE_REAL_ARG_LE or NE_REAL_ARG_GT appear, respectively.

Is there any way to remove or redefine these restrictions? Thanks.

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