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Is there a way to have a legend on a plot? I knonw we have legendstyle=s move the legend around the plot, but it is often so much nicer to place the legend onto the unused area of the plot. I read it somewhere it was not possible, but my source could well be ancient. If not, any convenient adoptations of textplot for this task?

How do I quickly paste and copy the path to my file or working directory? For example, in R:   IN: > getwd(); OUT: [1] "C:/Program Files/R/R-2.8.2/bin". What's the Maple equivalent for that, if any? How do I set/change a working directory? Thanks.

RandomVariable(Geometric(1/p))+1; ProbabilityFunction(%, j) - FAIL. Adding one is a legitimate way to get a zero truncated geometric distribution, having a simple prob. function. Is there a way to make maple understand that? Why does it fail? Thanks.

What's the easierst way to show (with maple) the integral below evaluates (for alphas, betas>0) to the expression given after it? Thanks.

(beta*p-beta-p)*alpha/(p*(beta-1)) reduces to alpha+beta/p assuming 0 < alpha, alpha < 1, 0 < beta, beta < 1, alpha+beta = 1. How do we show this with maple? Thanks.

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