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Hi tomleslie 10801 ,

Thank you for your suggestions.

Actually i am trying to find a solution by means of analytical approach. Nowadays solutions in Analytical way gives a novelty to our Problem. That why i intended to find in analytical way.


Sorry I thought it was not properly uploaded that why I deleted. Here after I will use comment section to ask more about the problem. sorry for inconvenience


Please help me to find the solution for this problem

@mmcdara Problem_1.pdf

As you suggested earlier I have modified the coding. I am having System of four equations with Four unknowns. I have feeded the values for the parameter also and left-right boundary conditions. But graph part is not coming. Kindly help me to complete this problem.

Many many thanks for your reply sir/madam. I will look through it and if any doubt in that means kindly help and clarify me sir/madam. Thanks a lot.

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