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Thank you for all the help!
your advice is very useful,I just want to create a Matrix which have 20 decimal places ,and all of the above methods can do this. Thank you!
I have gotten the answer,^_^
I have gotten the answer.
I have solved the problem,thank you all the same !
our internet to mapleprimes has been interruptted by the earthquake happened in Taiwan.thanks very much!your advice is useful.this problem comes from a optimal problem where i want to have a minimum value with DR by S.i will try again,and perhaps need your help! :)
I followed your advice and it's useful to solve the above problem.but when there are too many terms in a integral just like follows,how can i do? The file can be found here:View 3216_how to calculate the last on MapleNet or Download 3216_how to calculate the last
View file details is there a simple way?Thanks!
thank you very much . the advice is very useful!
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