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I know maple has two functions max and min to compute the maximum and minimum of some arguments. But I have a list,such as l:=[1,2,3]; when I use the maple function min,I need to write: min(l[1],l[2],l[3]); How can I simplify the expression? If l is list with too many items,how to use min to calculate the minimum?
I want to creat a Matrix A with every emement in A Digits:=20,How can I do?A:=Matrix(n,n,?) waiting for your help!
I have four Matrix A,B,C,D.How can i union them together to form a new Matrix E like the follows? E:=(A,B) (C,D) E is a block Matrix formed by A,B,C,D. waiting for your help!thanks!
I want to define a sequence of Vectors,for example ,n Vectors just as a1,a2, to do? Thanks!
I want to calculate the normal derivative with Maple?What's the command?Waiting for your help!
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