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Hi there,

In the attached PDF I have a system of 16 equations with 16 unknowns (the unknowns are a_i, b_i, c_i, d_i for all i = 1..4). The x_{ijkl} represent known (arbitrary) values. 

Can someone solve this system and tell me what the solutions are? If there is more than one solution, then I only want one solution. 




Hi there,

Unfortunately I don't have access to Maple because I am away from my office for the week, but I need a

system of linear equations solved. Can someone please solve it for me and post the solutions (if any)?

The system is:

a_1 x_1 + b_1 x_2 + c_1 x_3 + d_1 x_4 = e_1 + e_4

a_2 x_1 + b_2 x_2 + c_2 x_3 + d_2 x_4 = e_2

a_3 x_1 + b_3 x_2 + c_3 x_3 + d_3 x_4 = 0

a_4 x_1 + b_4 x_2 + c_4 x_3 + d_4 x_4 = e_1 + e_4

I have a polynomial system that I'd like to find ONE solution of (there may be many, so I want the program to terminate after 1 is found, since I only need to know that there IS a solution). In this system, the unknown variables are a_i, b_i, c_i, d_i, s_i, t_i, r_i, l_i, for i = 1, 2, 3, 4. Thus I want the solution in terms of these variables. The system is given below.

q & = \sum_{i = 1}^4 a_i s_i, \\
w & = \sum_{i = 1}^4 a_i t_i, \\


I have two general 4x4 matrices S and R subject to the given contraints (eq1, eq2, respectively). First of all, I was trying

to see if there are any specific matrices T such that the equation S.R=T (subject to the constraints of eq1 and eq2)

does NOT exist (i.e. there are no matrices S and R such that the equation holds). I tried many examples but couldn't find

any so now I suspect that any possible T has a solution.

So firstly, I...

Hi! I have a matrix A where the entries
satisfy the conditions in eq1. I set A equal
to the general
4x4 matrix X and convert to a set so that I can 
solve the system of equations for the variables
in A (i.e. solve for a,b,c,d, s,t,r,l). However,
in my program below, I get "res:= "
when the program finishes. Why isn't it
giving me any output? Thanks!
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