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Hey, any help would be much appreciated! For any 2x2 matrix A, I can use GaussJordan(A) and it will return its reduced form. But I want to write a short program that will return the elemtary matrices used during the process as well. Any idea how to do this?! Thanks!

I am trying to construct a 7x7 matrix T such that T[i,j]=k, when multiply(monoid[i],monoid[j])=monoid[k]

I've defined monoid to be a boolean matrix such that there is at least one 1 in each row and column.

I am just not sure how to get my input to return the matrix. I keep getting a 7x7 zero matrix.

This is what I have:

T[i,j]:= Matrix(7);for i to 7  

do for j from 1 by 1 to 7    

do T[i,j]:=(multiply(monoid[i...

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