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Thanks a lot! This seems to be what I want! I haven't tested it extensively but so far so good. As long as it generally works and doesn't end up in any weird infinite loops and such then it should work. I don't need necessarily to see every step but it does seem to follow the order of operations.

I'm mainly just using it to check standard arithmetic expressions when trying to track down bugs in formulas. It seems to see how things evaluate progressive to see exactly what is going on. It could be used for other things though such as teaching the order of operations(to some degree at least).

Ideally any AST could be expressed and it would simply progressively evaluate the AST as far as possible and work with general algebraic expressions. This is not something I'd be using any time soon though.


This does work, it's a little bulky but I think I can shorten the function name and it won't be too bad.



@Mac Dude 





Thanks. I just wanted some way to indicate that the path was being traversed. A "ball" would be more visually appealing but it's not a big deal.




At the very least have a binary operator or have - bind to a symbol if - preceeds it but by a space with no space after:

x - -4


that is clearly meant to be two different symbols rather than a combined symbol -- or - -.





It is perfectly fine matheamtics. There is a difference between binary and unary operators.

5--4 is not --(5,4) but -(5,-(4))



Yeah, that is what I wanted. Thanks. I ended up just using plot since it seems to be easier. I didn't need to have  Float(undefined).


No. This is not a solution.


Not always can can still be hard to see. It seems maple craps out for some equations.


What a strange issue. I don't need a movie. I just want to see an animation lik eone can do with plots.


Also, for the function below, there is a strange issue.

f := [sign(r)*ln(abs(r))*cot(x)*(1 - x*sin(x))]:
F := BP(f, [0.1], 33000, 1 - 0.0000001, 1 + 0.0000001, -0.0001, 0.0001):


BP seems to spread out the interations over some larger zone than above. Zooming in on the point around one requires a huge number of iterations to get decent a decent image.  This could be due to something funky about f but it seems like it might be a problem with Bifurcation itself. I've tried with 10M points and it works but takes a long time... I don't see why 10M points would be needed unless a lot of points are overlapping OR Bifurcation is doing something odd that it shouldn't do. (like having a minimum window that it will compute over and then just crops, meaning a lot of resolution is lost and one has to waste a lot of computational time)




@Carl Love 


Given that these are strings, I need to collect on them. Is there any way to collect on a string?(remember, the color is only visual).

@Carl Love 


It doesn't work insidee a sequen when 5 is variable.



which is used inside another procedure. It's hard to describe but maple ends up complaining at some point. simple cases work, compelx do not. I have to resort to using ``.

EV was a hypothetical Evaluate function that forced the arguments to be evaluated inside out.


@Carl Love 16357

Thanks, I made a handy function:

Color := proc(x, H := .42)
    uses Typesetting, ColorTools;
        mn(convert(x, string),
            ':-mathcolor'= RGB24ToHex(Convert([H,1$2], "HSV", "RGB24")),  
            ':-size'= "16",
            ':-fontweight'= "bold");
end proc:


but when I call it with something like ithprime(5) it prints out ithprime(5) rather than first evaluating ithprime(5). I run in to this problem a ton. How I can I get maple to always evaluate something at the call site?


EV is called first before Color. It seems maple evaluates from outside to inside rather than the normal way of inside to outside.

(it would actually have to be used inside Color since I don't want to have to add more chars for no reason)





@Carl Love 

Intersting, thanks for the help.



Thanks, one major issue is that when there is only one element in the list I get `%+`(x)


While I could bypass this with if's it would be nice if it worked for single elements too. (just return x)


also, what if I just want paranthesis(no mutliplication in front?) or I want to do it around a variable that is a sequence. 1%/5*r where r is some sequence alreading using inert stuff. Surely there is some way to insert an inert character?

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