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Suppose I have an expression or a defined function that uses basic operations(typical stuff)... I have to go and add % to every operation to prevent it expanding so I can see the expression in detail. This really dirties up the formula.


Is there any way to automate this?


E.g., simple example


f := x->3%*x %+ x%^4;



Also %^ seems to have invalid order of operations, this seems like a bug in maple? 2%^x does not behave like 2^x in complex expressions, I have to put parathesis around it to avoid it grouping with other terms. It seems to do this with multiplication too. This then requires using tons of paranethesis to get normal expressions to behave correctly.


What would be real cool if one could automate all this and also have some way to control the expansion amount. E.g., some parameter than one can set to control from no expansion to full expansion(it would work by making inner most expressions inert then working to outer).

Also, it seems when I use the inert operators and make sure the precendence is correct maple evaluates the wrong value! I have used inert before and it seemed right but now I get very large values. There is something seriously buggy with %op.

I'm trying to plot several plottools:-line


The only issue is that when I use a mouse to select the lines in the plot only one line segment is plotted. There seems to be no line sequence. How do I group all the lines in to one line structure so the mouse will select them all? [This is because when one selects a line with the mouse in the plot maple highlights it and this can make it easier to follow from other paths]

I used text math input, finding parenthesis is very difficult sometimes.


It would be very nice if parenthesis were color coded OR coloring of the texted was based on parenthetical depth.


display(plot(something(or another)))



with(IterativeMaps): with(ImageTools):


BP := proc(f, S, I, m, M, xm, xM)
    local L;
    L := Bifurcation([x], f, S, m, M, xmin=xm, xmax=xM, height=800, width=1300, iterations=I+500):
end proc:


F := []:
f := [sign(r)*ln(abs(r))*cot(x)*(log[2+abs(r)](abs(x)) - x*sin(x))]:

F := [op(F), BP(f, [0.1], 10000, -10, 10, -15, 15)]:
F := [op(F), BP(f, [0.2], 10000, -10, 10, -15, 15)]:

F := [op(F), BP(f, [0.3], 10000, -10, 10, -15, 15)]:

F := [op(F), BP(f, [0.4], 10000, -10, 10, -15, 15)]:


I was trying to create some images of some bifurcations. I can't seem to create an animation from the images.


Also, Embed works great but each call to BP overwrites the previous image(rather than creating a new image)... Preview works but doesn't scale the images up properly.

I have a recursive function that spits out recursive formulates "evaluated inertly" so bascially it produces a formula simply like a symbolic formula(doesn't reduce the addition of values though).


What I would like is to color code each recursive step


F := proc(n)
    local i,k:
    if n <= 0 then return 1; end if:
    F(n-2) %+ F(n-1):
end proc:



so I would like to cover each part of the recursion differently so it is easier to see, maybe even use the previous colors so one can visualize the nestings of the recursion. (e.g., F(n-2) takes the previous formals color and tweaks it towards the red and and F(n-1) takes the porevious formulas color and tweaks it towards green)
(this would then pass an RGB value that(default, say blue) to the functions above).


Any way to accomplish this?





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