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I've always had this issue. 1. Double click to highlight term to get help on. 2. Hit F1 3. Help pops up and I have to type in that term and find the info.


Why can't maple just combine all these steps? I've tried F2, various alt's, ctrl's, and shift combos and nothing... Surely something as basic as this has a hot key? And ideally I'd like to assign F1 to it!


I get this warning when ever I create a function that uses a sum or sequence:


g := x->sum(...,j=1..5);


I'm pretty sure I used to not get it at all in previous versions, I just upgraded recently and started seeing it. Is there any way to disable it? It is polluting the worksheet. Sometimes I might have several local's and I want them to be implicitly local but I do not want 10 warning messages.



sin(g(0)) + cos(g(0))*D(g)(0)*x + (-1/2*sin(g(0))*D(g)(0)^2 + 1/2*cos(g(0))*(D@@2)(g)(0))*x^2 + (1/6*(-D(g)(0)^3 + (D@@3)(g)(0))*cos(g(0)) - 1/2*sin(g(0))*(D@@2)(g)(0)*D(g)(0))*x^3 + :-O(1)*x^4


and I'd like to give the various values for g to evaluate the series. That is, I know g and it's derivatives at 0.

When plotting a sequence S, plot(S) a series of horizontal lines are plotted. Is there a way to plot a "time series" without having to reconstruct S, e.g., "seq([i,S[i]],i=1..numelems(S))" and plot that? Seems like a lot of work just to make a simple plot.


RandomMatrix(n, 1);

does not seem too work with Vectors of dimension d in elementwise multiplication ;/ Even though it is an nx1 matrix = an n vector.

This seems like a limitation maple!



Does seem to work with Matrix and Vector.


Both have the same dimensions and should be possible to multiply them pointwise!




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