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I'm trying to create an iterator function

Iter := proc(ff, n)    
    local i,f;
    if n = 0 then return (x->x); end;
    f := x->ff:
    f := apply(unapply(ff))(x);
    for i from 1 to n-1 do
        f := ff(f);
    return unapply(f,x);


This seems to work except that it converts the independent variable to x, which can cause problems.


That is, if I pass something like n->sin(n) then it will output something like x->sin(sin(x))...


Of course, I do explicitly use x but it is because I don't know how to get the input's independent variable.


Ideally I'd like to be able to work on multiple arguments and iterate over the first, by default.


e.g., f#2(x,y,z) = f(f(x,y,z),y,z)


Ultimately the proc above doesn't work well as I want to be able to use it in all contexts(I could pass the value to Iter but I'd rather use function notation.


plot(x mod 3, x=-5..5);


plots exactly the same as


plot(x, x=-5..5);




plot(floor(x) mod 3, x=-5..5);


The mod function is doing nothing, why?


If I do 5 mod 4 I get 1, as expected.

In a new worksheet



Why is maple computing this? It does it for a lot of functions and I never know if it is giving the correct results. a and be are not defined. I'd expect it to just return gcd(a,b).


I put it in formulas but I never know if it is simplifying before computing. I have no idea why. Maple never did this stuff until I upgraded.



matrixplot(A, style=surface,axes=normal, lightmodel=light2, labels=["n","d","C"], heights=histogram, gap=0.00000000000000000001, colorscheme=["xyzcoloring", (x,y,z)->x*y*z]);


For a matrix about 500x70. It doesn't seem that it should crap out with such a small matrix to plot. Maple seems to be slow in general even small plotting of 3D things. Specifically I'm talking about rendring and rotating.

Just want labels but no axes. Also seems with axes=none sometimes I get wierd artifacts in the surfacewireframe where the wireframe is some wierd color. If I set the axes to normal it goes away and then usually it is ok. Sometimes half the graph is colored this way. It is with MatrixPlot.

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