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I have a formula that essentially is a m-order sum over a totally ordered set(the integers).


sum_{n_1=1)^{n_0} ... m times ... sum_{n_m=1}^{n_{m-1}}


It may be a little confusing but essentially it is just summing over all monotonic lidyd of size m of [1..n_0]

e.g., if n_0 = 4 and m = 3 then

1 2 3

1 2 4

1 3 4

2 3 4


Does maple have a convient way to do this? Ideally some function like osum(..., i=1..n_0, m)

where i is a multi-index(just the ordered list here so I could access i[1] the smallest, value, i[2] is the next largest, etc).


so I can get inert operations but what about parenthesis and built ins?




I can't remember the specific code but what I was getting was something like


1 + 3 + 4 + 5 + 6 /4

rather than (1 + 3 + 4 + 5 + 6)/4

and the parenthesis was not showing up and I couldn't use things like add or mul in an inert like form(I think I had to write a loop).


What I had to do was multiply by 1 inertly and then it added the parenthesis.


If I could add inert parenthesis it would have solved the problem and also get built in functions to be inert but only on their ineternal operations.







It never finishes computing, but smaller values work.


Is there any way to speed it up for larger values(I'm looking to do quite large values.


returns instantly.



I'm plotting some simple plots such as

plot(frac(x^2/3)*3,x=-5..5, discont=true);


Some discontinuities are connected. Using numpoints, resolution, and Digits doesn't help. Sometimes it will produce a plot with no connections but then other times it does. I need a general solution that is simple. Is there any way to refine the quality of discont?




I have tried that and it seems to work but I haven't put it through the ringer. Is that all I have?


I have a list and I would like to generate all the permutations of that list deterministically and sequential. All I have found is shuffle which may duplicate results(of course I could track this to avoid dups but it should be overkill and slow and consume lots of memory).

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