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I would like to find the derivative for f(x)=min(x^2 +1, 2x+3) and plot f(x) and its derivative on the same graph. I know the "diff" command works on functions, but I'm not sure how to use it on this one. Suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!

Hello, I would like to use the LeastSquares subpackage in the LinearAlgebra package in order to solve the following problem:


Set of data: (1.0,2.33),(2.0,0.0626),(3.0,-2.16),(4.0,-2.45),(5.0,-0.357),(6.0,2.21),(7.0,2.75),(8.0,0.636),(9.0,-2.45).

I am trying to put the above data in the curve y=a+b*cos(x)+c*sin(x)+d*cos(2x)+e*sin(2x).


My attempt to solve this:




Find the eigenvalues and eigenvecotrs for A=[2 0.37 0]

                                                                [0  1.1 -4.29]


Find the quadratic polynomial which interpolates (2,0), (6,1), (8,0). Start by setting f(x)=ax^2+bx+c, for example, and the unknowns as a,b,c.

I was trying to do some exercises on the Maplesoft site. (This site to be exact: ; 5.3.4. Example 4: Exercise 1:  Modify the above example so that it can be used to graph the sin

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