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@Carl Love 

The times for N>100 is measured in days...

I can do an average 10 tries for N<80. But, since this is a parallel operation, I suspect the time for smaller N is masked by other issues.

I will try this in a couple days. The process is still running, projected to complete Wednesday 4/6/2022

@Carl Love 

I should have included  the source of the measurements. The measured times were for factoring integers with N digits using parallel NFS calculations.

Tcpu is the total number of CPU seconds, the sum of all threads. Telapsed is real time.

But, a more general question, not specifically related to Maple.

I first assumed polynomial time. I looked at at some variations of log time, but, polynomial time seemed to match the later time values more closely. But, fitting a poly to data is closer as the degree approached the number of points...

Is there a way to decide this other than trial and error?

@Joe Riel

I believe button-lock is from emacs package-install.

@Joe Riel 

I downloaded the package file with a browser.

When I try to install the emacs part, I get an error "Need package 'button-lock-20150223.554', but, only 1.0.2 is available



  "maplev" "3.0.4"  
  "GNU Emacs package for Maple developers"
  '((button-lock "1.0.2")))
;; Local Variables:
;; no-byte-compile: t
;; End:

@Joe Riel 

From xmaple, I used File->Open From Cloud then searched for maplev. Found version 5. I clocked on it and it opened in xmaple.

Then, I clicked on the PackageTools line.


Warning, failed to resolve filename /usr/local/Maple2021/toolbox/2021
Error, (in PackageTools:-Install) permission denied
To install the pmaple binary executable, the backup doc files (the primary documentation is the info file which, if properly installed, is accessible 

Maple is installed in /usr/local - a multi-user system...

I have /home/tomdean/maple/toolbox

Hide Maplev Config Default:
Include-Path :
A list of strings of directories to search for files More

Maple : /usr/local/Maple2021/bin/maple
Command to execute tty Maple.

Maple-Options : -B -A2 -e2
Options to pass to tty Maple. More

Mint : /usr/local/Maple2021/bin/mint
Command to execute Mint.

Mint-Options : -i2 -q -w 100 -v
Options to pass to Mint. More

When mint is started, I get a usage error...

When I start from the command line, it works.

/usr/local/Maple2021/bin/mint -i2 -q -w 100 -v money.mpl

Procedure money() on lines 2 to 66
  These local variables were never used:  box_high, eq10
  These local variables were used before they were assigned a value:  a, b, c, d, e, f, n

@Thomas Richard 

I can not reproduce it with the maple gui (xmaple)

This may be due to using maplev-mode with emacs.  I believe that may be a different connection to the server?  Maybe Joe Riel is looking?

Yes, RSA-100 is old.  I was checking some gcc code optimization.

@Thomas Richard 


I am using Ubuntu 20.04.   Command line Maple with maplet plotdevice flashes the plot and then closes immediately.

@Thomas Richard 

My startup plot device is maplet.  I mostly use maple 2020.2 with emacs so I need a device other than inliine. If I use xmaple, the gui, plotsetup(default) then plot3d(...) works.

I tried many (all?) of the reasonable devices.  Most return "plotting was not implemented by the application".

With plotsetup(maplet), the plot is displayed briefly and then closes.  The plot seems to be the same as with plotsetup(default).  The error message varies some.

So, this is a bug in maplet?  Looks like maplet is attempting to free an invalid pointer.


print(eval(x,eqns)) does it.  This was an attempt to display the results.

@Joe Riel

I got as far as:

ckt := "*\n\
V1 1 0 -10*exp(-2*t)\n\
R1 1 2 2\n\
R2 2 3 2\n\
C1 3 0 0.5F\n\
R3 2 4 4\n\
L1 4 3 1H\n\

ics := i[R1](0) = 1,  i[R3](0) = -1;
volts, others := Solve(ckt, tran, 'returnall'):
dsol := dsolve(volts);
diff(subs(others, dsol, i[R1](t)), t); evalf(%) ## very different than the OP
diff(subs(others, dsol, i[R3](t)), t);evalf(%)## very different than the OP

## Danialfreddy's solution is (i1 is thru R1 and i2 is thru R3):
diff(i[R1](t),t) = 0.5*i[R1](t) - 3*i[R3](t) + 5*exp(-2*t);
diff(i[R3](t),t) = 2*i[R1](t) - 6*i[R3](t)



Changing bin/Maple2020.png does not seem to change anything.  Removing bin/Maple2020.png does not change anything.  Seems like twm (or maple) is using a built-in icon?

bin/maple2020.desktop contains






Yes, I made a mistake when entering the plot statement.

 But, changing the plot statement to

b := plot(f, 0..4*Pi, color=white, filled=true):

does not make the 'green' area white.

preplot = [], postplot = [], plotdevice = maplet, plotoutput = terminal,
plotoptions = ``

f := sin(x);
g := cos(x);
plottools:-transform(unapply([x,y+g],x,y))(plot(f-g,x=0 .. 4*Pi,filled=true));

produces a correct plot.


@Joe Riel 


Record(package = "Syrup",version = "1.1.0",author = "Joseph Riel",email =
"",date = "2020-02-20",maple = "2018.2")


@Joe Riel 

I did not try installing from the cloud before.  Just tried it and it works.

> with(Syrup);
          [Draw, Library, Print, Solve, ToModelica, ToSpice, Version]

> Version;

> PackageTools:-Install(6271537930305536,overwrite);
memory used=5.8MB, alloc=40.3MB, time=0.32

> restart
> ;
> with(Syrup);                                      
           [About, Draw, Library, Print, Solve, ToModelica, ToSpice]

However, About returns nothing.  Seems to solve circuts Ok.

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