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I used diff(...) rather than D(...)

D(...) can handle procedures.


Tom Dean


I have a much more complicated expression that I want to use procedures for.

I want to use the result of a function call as the body of a procedure.

eq := 2*t^3+9*t^2-60*t+1;
deq := diff(eq,t);

How do I define a procedure like

f := t -> deq;

I have read Rodger Kraft's article on evaluation several times and still can not manage to get this right.

Tom Dean

I don't know where Post came from.  The cotton?

It may be better to avoid using decimal points in numbers.  You can convert H to rational for better manipulation.

H:=... as beforeH:=convert(H,rational);


I am using Maple 11.

I want to produce a plot like the bode plot in Scilab.

An example is produced with the Scilab commands


I can put an example on my web site, if it will help.


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