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See help: ?solve,details; "Controlling the Number of Solutions To control the number solutions returned, use the _MaxSols environment variable. This integer specifies the maximum number of solutions returned. The default value is 100. The solve command returns all solutions for polynomial equations. In general for transcendental equations, the solve command returns only one solution, but does not set _SolutionsMayBeLost to true. To force the solve command to return the entire set of solutions for all inverse transcendental functions, set the _EnvAllSolutions environment variable to true. In the solution, Maple may generate variables that take numeric values. Normally such variables are named with the prefix _Z for integer values, _NN for non-negative integer values, and _B for binary values (0 and 1). "
> _EnvAllSolutions:=true; true > solve(sin(x)=0); Pi _Z1 `With assumptions on _Z1` To find a particular solution: > fsolve(sin(x)=0,x=Pi/2..3*Pi/2); 3.141592654 >
Unfortunately I was unable to load the page. Were you able to try the input in terminal to see if the result is consistent? Hopefully, some other users will look at this thread and comment on their results. That is, I am wondering if your output is isolated Mac and OS X 10.4, since it does not seem to occur on OS X 10.3.9, at least not in my case.
The question we need to answer at this point is not weather Maple should simplify exp(t^2) to exp(2t), since this is unequivocally wrong, but rather why are the parentheses being dropped in Matt’s initial output and not in mine? Leading Matt to the impression that Maple "thinks" that exp(t^2) is the same as exp(2t). Since we are both using Maple 10.01 I am curious if this error might be caused by different versions of the OS or Java. Matt, if you get a chance, could you please try your input running Maple in the terminal and see if you get the same result. I am particularly interested in the answer because I was just about to order OS 10.4. This type of error could be compounded significantly in a more complex expression, where it may not be so obvious. Hence, can you trust your output?
That is not the output that I get. Using OS X 10.3.9 and Maple 10.01: Input: (e^t)^2 Output: (e^t)^2 after simplification output: e^(2*t)
I just remembered I still have Maple 9.5 on my laptop. I was able to open the file and had no problems with Maple 9.5 crashing as I did on my desktop. The desktop has been having similar problems crashing with other applications so that part was likely unrelated to Maple 9.5. However, I did have the same problem printing that you did. I could see the entire document in preview, but only some of the text and none of the graphics printed. Again, with Maple 10.01 everything printed and I had no problems at all.
Using Maple 9.5 on a G4 Dual 500 with OS X 10.3.9 I had similar problems. In fact, Maple 9.5 kept crashing when I opened the A section of the file and started to scroll down to look at the file. The one time I was able to keep it open long enough to send it to the printer Maple crashed just as the printing started and I got mostly blank pages. Using Maple 10.01 on a G4 Powerbook 800 with OS X 10.3.9 I had no problems whatsoever. All 10 pages with all graphics printed just fine (all text and graphics end on page 9, page 10 is blank as it was in preview). In both cases I was using a Cannon i9900 printer.
> with(plots): > implicitplot(x^2+y^2=1, x=-1..1, y=-1..1);
I have read Calculus by Michael Spivak and I consider it nothing short of magnificent as a presentation of single variable calculus. That being said, I do not believe it is well suited to a first treatment of the material. Spivak himself states in the preface to the second addition that the book might be more appropriately be titled as an “An Introduction to Analysis.
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