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I noticed that when using Maple my %CPU seems to be much higher than other apps. This is not just during computation. I may just be entering text, but once I have executed any commands in the worksheet or document the percent seems to stay between 50 and 70. I can stop entering anything for several minutes and it just stays at this level. As soon as I click outside the worksheet on the desktop or on another app it immediately drops down to practically nothing. If I then click back on the worksheet it stays down until I start to enter something and then it jumps back up. Is this typical? It gets things heated up pretty quickly and as far as I can tell it is my only app that does this.

I had been following a thread on comp.soft-sys.math.maple titled: Maple missing solutions?

In, short the OP was missing solutions to a set of equations involving sin and cos.

A respondent suggested converting to exp, which seems to have worked very well in that case.

For no particular reason I decided to try this with another equation and got some

results which I cannot explain. As follows:

> S1:=[solve(sin(x)=sin(1/x))];

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