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Sometimes when I am browsing this site I have both Maple 10 & 11 open concurrently to see if I get similar results to the various post in both versions. Are there any potential problems in doing this? I am using a Mac (power pc) OS 10.39. Thanks, Thomas
How can I add blank spaces after each comma in the following so that the output will be easier to read? print(X_bar[1] = Mean_SampleMeans1, S[1]^2 = Var_SampleMeans1, S[1] = SD_SampleMeans1); X_bar[1] = 5.993500000, S[1]^2 = 5.102310060, S[1] = 2.258829356 I am using Maple 10 worksheet mode (Mac). Maple ignores any additional spaces after commas in the input. Thanks for your help. Thomas
Is there a way to track a thread without responding to it?
I am curious as to which input mode and which document mode I should be using. I started with Maple 9.5 on Mac, when I upgraded to Maple 10 I was already accustomed to the worksheet mode so I stayed with it. I am under the impression that the document mode is more for quick calculations and producing high quality technical documents and the worksheet mode is more for programming and intensive work. Hence the names document and worksheet. If this is the wrong impression please inform me. Adding to my confusion is the choice between 2D Math input and Maple input. Up to this point I have been working almost exclusively in worksheet mode using standard Maple input. I have been working my way through the Introductory Programming Guide and I assumed this was an appropriate choice for this purpose. However, I am not sure that it is. I am now wondering if standard Maple input will eventually be phased out in favor of 2D Math input. Can someone tell me if this is the plan? Since, if it is, it would be advantageous for me to switch now. Thanks in advance.
When simplifying an expression or solving an equation, is there a way to have Maple display some of the steps without having to put them in manually?
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