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I was curious if anyone has every seen an english translation of Jordan's Cours d' Analyse. I've read many author comments praising his work and was interested in trying to find a copy in english. Anyone care to comment?



I'm wondering if a Maple guru would comment on the behavior of Implied Multiplication. I was working through an exercise with Maple and ran into the following behavior. Initially I had this: limit(sum(3((1+3*i/n)^3-2(1+3*i/n))/n, i = 0 .. n), n = infinity) = 231/4 which didn't look right since I expected a different result. Ater messing about I tried looking at the operators and when I did this: limit(sum(3((1+3*i/n)^3-(2)*(1+3i/n))/n, i = 0 .. n), n = infinity) = 195/4 I got the answer I expected to see. [note that Maple Primes has distributed the 2 inside the brackets above. In my document it is 2*(1+3/n)]
When using the FunctionChart call from Student[Calculus1] I keep running into a strange problem. As soon as I attempt to change the display size with the view=[x1..x2,y1..y2] option I get a tiny little graph that is no larger than an ordinary icon. Does anyone have a work around for this? As an example this misbehaves on my Maple 10 install: with(Student[Calculus1]) with(Plots) FunctionChart(x^2, x, view = [-2 .. 2, 0 .. 9]) Tim
I'm wondering what I'm missing here: with Student[Calculus1]: InflectionPoints(x^(5/3) - 5*x^(2/3),x) returns an empty result where there should be an inflection point at (-1,-4). I suppose there is a real easy solution to this. Please enlighten me. Tim
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