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Please let me know if Maple 11 will work in 64-bit Windows 7, and if there are any compatibility issues.

I'm moving my Maple from 32-bit Windows XP to a new 64-bit Windows 7 system.



How do I change the default font used in Maple 12?  I'm in WinXP.

I mentioned in another blog entry that I was considering doing something with slide rules. I mentioned in yet another entry how I hope to pass on some of newly acquired mathematical knowledge to my grandkids. I'm working on a slide-rule for kids project. Although I didn't use maple in any phase of this project, it was definitely a stepping stone on the path that lead up to it. Below is a picture of one of the prototypes - a very rough prototype. read more about it by clicking the "read more" link below ---
I've created a new blog entry concerning what I think might be an idea worth consideration:     slide rule

... I doubt that there has ever been a better way to learn the relationship between numbers - and even mathematics in general - than the slide-rule from days-gone-by, and the ability to plot functions using modern computer technology. For the young people here who may not have ever used a slide rule, below is a link to a virtual slide rule:     virtual slide rule

I wish, and think...

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