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I haven't posted here in a while, and am not sure how to enter things, so this may not post correctly. But what I need help with is how to animate the following so that they will actually "draw" the heart shaped implicit plots either from the top down, or the bottom up, or however else might look interesting.

Thanks in advance.

Why does the second plot at the following link look odd?



I was wondering - where has the list of "my subscriptions" gone?  Has this been removed with the recent forum upgrade?

I had quite a few of the threads I use for reference bookmarked there, but can no longer find any of them.  I see a "Recent posts" under my account navigation, but that seems match the list over to the right side of active topics.

I apologize if I've asked this question before. There's probably a very simple solution. I'm trying to get all roots over a range of 0-5 for x^3-e^x. with(Student[Calculus1]): for i to nops(Roots(x^3-exp(x),x=0..5)) do evalf(Roots(x^3-exp(x),x=0..5)[i]) end do returns 1.857183860 and 4.536403655 as expected, but seems kinda weird. fsolve(x^3-exp(x)) returns only the first find: 1.857183860 fsolve(x^3-exp(x), x = 0 .. 5) returns only the last find: 4.536403655
I updated my blog entry - for those who might be interested: me, blogging
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