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I work in Maplesoft’s Applications group. This group is a hub between Sales/Marketing and R&D. I primarily work with customers to help them use our software for their projects.

Born and raised in Windsor, Ontario, I spent a substantial chunk of my life there. I attended the University of Windsor to study Engineering and Math, and moved to Waterloo to start working with Maplesoft.

My first introduction to Maple was in a differential equations class. Our professor swore by it every day, and felt obliged to show us examples on how to use it at the end of every class. Admittedly, I usually skipped out of class right around that point. It wasn’t until I sat down and used the software to do my homework that I truly realized how useful Maple was…I only wish I had heeded my professor’s advice in the first month of the semester instead of the last.

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I couldn't tell you, but I'm sure you can contact our Technical Support team (www.maplesoft.com/support/.), and they'll be able to help you out.

This is more of a question for customer support www.maplesoft.com/support/


Absolutely...you can pretty much nominate whomever you would like (as long as they have contributed to MaplePrimes and you can give some supporting material to the nomination).

And remember, if someone beats you to the nomination; still post your nomination...seeing multiple nominations (much like the word in this sentence) could help the nominee win.

Thanks for posting this.  I have notified the product manager and it will be looked into.

In the future, if you are experiencing problems with your software you can always file a Software Change Request (the link is in Navigation window under Create Post).  By doing so it will enter your request into our database and will ensure that someone will look into it. 

You can still feel free to post your findings in here for discussoin though.

This thread has been locked because it is a multiple post.  The discussion can be continued here.

Becca a, please review the Community Guidlines in regards to posting.

This thread has been locked because it is a multiple post.  The discussion can be continued here.

Becca a, please review the Community Guidlines in regards to posting.

Thanks for the post Edgar.  I have reported the bug to the powers that be...



All of the aforementioned hopefully helped explained why Maple does what it does...although it does make sense, it's not the most intuitive operation.

To get the plot that you asked for though, use the command plot(surd(x,3),x=-5..5).

Hope that helps.


I'm not sure if you're asking about MaplePrimes, or Maple itself. 

If you want to know more about Maple, a good place to start is here.  If you'd like to see some training movies, go here.

If you are asking what is MaplePrimes, this is a discussion board for anything Maple/math related.  You can find out more by clicking on 'About' in the top right corner.

Hope this helps.


Thank you for pointing out the bug.  I have filed a report to our R&D team and they are currently taking care of the problem.




The option to insert headers/footers is under view because that is where it is located in most common word processors (see MS Word for example).  Once you have inserted them, you will not see them on the screen, so you need to view them...hence the reason they are under view I guess.

As for option to insert just the page number, you can.  I am working from memory here as I don't have a copy of Maple on the computer I am writing this from, but there is a tab once you open the header/footer option to create your own custom headers/footers.  From there you can insert just the page number in the left, center, or right part of the page.

As for the help document being incorrect, I will pass that on.


If you are having software specific problems, you can send your queries to our Customer Service or Technical Support team.  Just click on the tab from our homepage (www.maplesoft.com), or follow this link: www.maplesoft.com/support/#.  I have notifed our R&D team to view these posts, but you should still fill out the Technical Support form so they can have the exact issue documented.

Hope this helps,


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