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I made a program that spits out and alpha and beta at the end of each procedure. What I need to do is assign each alpha and beta a unique name. IE, when it runs the procedure 1, I need it to name them alpha1 and beta1, then for proc2, alpha 2 and beta2. For as many times it needs to run through this process because it may go through proc1 more than once.

It seems I can't find the resource I need, just that one little tidbit in the help files. Any help would be...

I've been working on my master's project and am at (at least I hope I've got it) the final stage of making Maple do everything that I want it to. I have the flow chart here which is a little hard to see while looking at the module I have set up.

The difficulty I'm having is getting it to run as a whole. I just do not know what I need to do to get the thing started. The way I have it set up is that each procedure references another until they are done - a loop structure. Which may be more appropriate but I humbly submit it to you.

I do not completely understand the module pieces. I do know that each procedure I have inside of here should work (and if not, that's why it's a master's problem :D)

Thank you again for looking!

 (I know the local and export may not be correct, and sorry for the matrix multiplication looking so ugly here)

Hello! And thanks for looking and helping!

I've been working on programming an algorithm that requires that I find the polynomials A, B
such that Af + Bg=Res(f, g, x) [the resultant] where f and g are given. In all my searching I couldn't find something that would spit out A and B for me. No luck that route so...

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