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I have this maple program, let's call it I need to import the data produced in to another file, and use it there, how do I go about this? Also how can I export the result produced in to a different file (not necessarily a maple file). I am not sure about the right time to use, but maybe the question is, how do I get data from to use in, and then produce the result from in another file?





I have a number of outputs, and I want to put them into an Array witrhout specifying the index of the array, is there a way I can put all of them at once without putting them one by one? I am currently using Append, is there any other way other than Append?


I have this program which when I run gives me five unique matrices as I want it. I however, when I run it again the enries of the matrices changes and I get 5 identical matrices, how can I prevent this from happening?



I have this out put, let me put it simply as a  single variable(call it A) having multiple outputs such that when i print(A) I get         a
How do i put all the values in a single list to get [a,b,c,d]?

This is what I did: aa:=[]: for i in A do aa:=[op(aa),i]:od:
The output is [a]

How do I get [a,b,c,d] without doing a lot of op???



I have this 5 by 2 matrix, and I want to form  lists of lengths 5, whereby the ith entry in my list should be any of the elements from the ith row of the matrix. How do i get all the possible lists? (I am expecting a total of 32lists, each of length 5):

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