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When running setup file Maple18WindowsX64Installer.exe (user has administative permissions), white blank window with no elements (buttons,menus,etc) appears and nothing happens (link to screenshot -http://s020.radikal.ru/i711/1403/d5/f33ac2f06181.png ). This problem seems due the Bitrock InstallBuilder packer which is used in last version of Maple installers for Windows. Is it possible to fix this problem? If no, could you please provide link to Maple installer prepared by previous packers?

Good day, dear Friends!

I'm trying to find real positive roots  of equation 

sqrt(x+3-4*sqrt(x-1))+sqrt(x+8-6*sqrt(x-1)) = 1 with Maple 16.01.

One can easly verifies that this euqation has at least two positive  real (integer) solutions: at x=5 and x=10,

but Maple function 

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