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Dear Mr. @Christian Wolinski, I was wondering how you derived that simplification to the OP's initial equation.  I am just curious where it came from.


Thank you.

This is some pretty amazing plotting you have done along with some interesting interpolation.  I find it awe inspiring!

Thank you for sharing this.

Thank you.  This time I hope my worksheet will get loaded and you can see what I am talking about and help me.  I would prefer not to use the zoom function but I don't want to destroy my eyesight with the Explore's and Document Tools 8 sized font.  I have already had my eye prescription changed this year to account for all the 8-12 sized fonts that I have been forced to read over the past 40 years!

@Scot Gould Please see my uploaded version of this fine example of using the Explore command.  Isn't there something in the Document Tools to increase the font on the slider bars?

Hello! Thank you for your great example of using the Explore command.  I had one question: How do you change the font of the parameters because they seem to be really, really small both in the slider bar and the values on the right hand side? Likewise the font on the name/symbols of the parameters you are varying with the Explore command. 

@acer Thank you for the best explanation I have ever seen about the issue of using "unevaluated" quotes.  The Maple folks who write the Help pages should take a good look at your reponse here and "re-tool" the help pages on this topic for a better explanation.  I have never really understood the Maple help page on two point BVPs example because of the quotes issue.  Acer, you not only deserve a "thumbs-up" but a GOLD STAR!!

P.S. Are you a college math professor somehere?

@AHSAN I admire your patience to write such a gigantic equation! What are you computing with this monster equation?

For that you need the really "Big" guns, such as Acer or dharr or a Carl Love to help you there.

Yes, your worksheet shows the same plot as I got when I corrected exp(k*p) issue and the "local D" issue.

Just as a aside, you include the package "linalg" which has been "deprecated" and it is not recommended by

the "Big" guns; you should use "LinearAlgebra" instead.

You should use "exp(k*p)" instead of plain old "e".  Also, you have several "D" and that should be made local.  I got a plot after fixing those syntax errors but I can't tell you if it is right!

@mmcdara Thank you all for your great insight! 

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