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I just installed Maple 2024.0 and I discovered a problem in that the "Manage Style Sets" under the "Format" menu DOESN'T WORK!!! Type the following to understand how this feature works and see if you have the same problem:


Follow the instructions.  They are pretty simple.  Find a worksheet that has the styles you like and open it up and then save this Style Set in Maple 2024.0.  Then close it.  Open a new worksheet.  Go to "Format" and then click on "Managing Style Sets" and then click on the Style Set file name you saved previously and you will find that it does not set the style set you saved previously.  


Another problem you will find is that it doesn't save your Style Set file where it is supposed to save it.  It needs to be saved in a Maple 2024.0 created folder known as "data" and then in a folder under "data" called "stylesets".  I had to manually go find my Style Set file and copy and paste it there.  

Please check this out and see if I am wrong.  I use the "Format" "Manage Style Sets" option a lot when I download files from this blog and ".mw"  have fonts size 12 and they default to the nearly impossible to read font!  After I have applied the "Manage Style Sets" I can see what I have! But for some reason in Maple 2024.0 this feature was not tested or something has changed in Maple 2024.0 to break this feature!

I am trying to see the closed form solution to the following equation where the know constants are phi1, a, and b:

Z := phi__1 = arctan(a*sin(alpha__1)/(a*cos(alpha__1) - b))

I am attempting to use the "solve" command as follows:

(solve(Z, alpha__1, useassumptions) assuming (0 < a and 0 < b))

 and I definitely do not understand what Maple is producing.

Thank you.

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