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I am having problems printing Maple Flow documents. I have set up both a header and a footer. In the Print Preview mode, everything is fine. When I try to print to a PDF file, the header loses its format and the footer does not print at all. Printing to a printer looks the same. What settings must be selected so that the printout can be passed on as a well-formatted document?

Many thanks in advance.



I use Maple and Maple Flow and want to work with physical units. However, I am quickly reaching the limits of what is possible. Now the question: Would it be possible to work with units and the piecewise function? In the attached example, the integration of a defined function is no longer possible. Or should I proceed differently in principle? Many thanks for any advice




Definition of current functions




T := 0.2e-1*Unit('s')

plot([i__1(t), i__2(t)], t = 0 .. .1*Unit('s'), color = [blue, red], legend = [i__1, i__2])


Calculation of RMS values

RMS__1 := sqrt((int(i__1(t)^2, t = 0 .. T))/T)

Error, (in Tools:-IntegrateExpression) units problem, can't make expression piecewise(t < .1e-1*Units:-Unit(s),0,.1e-1*Units:-Unit(s) <= t,3*Units:-Unit(A)*cos(314.1592654*t/Units:-Unit(s)))^2 unit-free with units [t::Units:-Unit(s)]


RMS__2 := sqrt((int(i__2(t)^2, t = 0 .. T))/T)



and now without Units

T__3 := 0.2e-1

RMS__3 := sqrt((int(i__3(t)^2, t = 0 .. T__3))/T__3)



Download UnitProblem.mw


does the update of MapleSim 2022.2 have a bug when loading the own libraries? 
After installing the MapleSim 2022.2 update, my libraries have disappeared. I am unable to load them again. The libraries are still in the same folder as before, but when I try to load them, I get the error message

However, the library NoiseX is not listed in the left bar. Even when I try to create a new library, it is not shown in the left bar. On the other hand, there are no problems with the imported libraries. Many thanks in advance for any advice. 

Best wishes,


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