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OK, this time I'm really stymied.   It appears that Maple doesn't follow the same rules of operator precedence when it comes to logical operators.  p &and q &or r should be the same as r &or p &and q, but it isn't.  What gives, and how can I remedy it?

So, how come in command line, if I enter a/(b*c), I am returned with a/b/c?  Is there anyway to preserve 'intelligent' denominator groupings?

> with(plots):
> with(plottools):
> plot1 := plot(1, t = (Pi-Pi/4)..(Pi+Pi/4), filled = true, color = coral):
> H := transform((t, r) -> [4*(1-r)*cos(t)+3*(r)*cos(t), 4*(1-r)*sin(t)+3*(r)*sin(t)]):
> display(H(plot1),view = [-5 .. -5, -4 .. 4]);


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