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is there a maple function or does anyone have a proc that will return the number of significant figures given a number? For example, when given 0.38, the proc will return 2, or when given 2.897, the proc will return 4.

Hi all, I am a teacher of middle/high school math. I have found that when I use the solve function on:


I get 5.674999999

In fact, as I was typing the above equation just now using Maple Math, I noticed it returns:

Hi all, I found that the expression:


automatically simplifies to


Is there a function that will return


which is one fraction, instead?

I have asked a similar question before but it appears that the difficulty of what I need to do increases when the cases are simpler.

Essentially I want to check that an expression has been fully simplified. Suppose that:




Is there any way to test so that

evalb(A=B) returns false?

In my case, both A and B are obtained from MathContainers:


Hi I teach in a high school. Basically I have found that if I ask a question like: Factorize fully (x4-y4), and use a MathContainer for both the question and the answer (to be filled by students), I can't find a way to see whether the students have fully factorized the expression. Suppose (x4-y4) is in MathContainer1 and MathContainer2 is to be filled in by students. Using the code:

if GetProperty('MathContainer1','expression'...

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