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These are questions asked by Zeineb

Dear all

I want if possible to solve the inequation   f(x,y)>0 using maple


Thanks for any help


Dear all

I need to display a matrix K defined in the attached maple code.

Thanks for your help


Dear all

I need your help to compute the discrete convolution product. Is there a simple way in maple that hep me to compute the coefficient of the matrix g 





Dear all

I have data and a vector d. 
I would like to sum the elements of the vector d corresponding to the index  of the element data <=0.01 

Step 1: we select the index of data that corresponds to data<=0.01

step 2: we select the consecutive index corresponding to data<=0.01

Step 3 : we sum the element of d corresponding to the previous index

step 4: update d=d/number(index) ;

Please see my attached code. It's done by hand how can reformulate the code.




many thanks


Dear all

I applied the definition of a permutation matrix to a given matrix A to obtain a Tridiagonal Toeplitz matrix, but I haven't any idea why the final result looks strange.




Many thanks



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