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These are questions asked by Zeineb

Dear all

for a fixed x positive, I would like to find an asymptotic expansion of the following integral when n goes to infinity. 

int(exp(-n*(x*cosh(t)+t)), t = 0 .. infinity)

Maybe we can define 
f:=n->int(exp(-n*(x*cosh(t)+t)), t = 0 .. infinity);

asympt(f(n), n,2)
But doesn't work

Many thanks for your help 


Dear all

I have a nonlinear PDE, I use a transformation depend on some paramaters I would like to find the scalling parameters so that the pde is invariant under the proposed transformation.


Thak you for your help 


Dear all

I would like to solve a fourth order PDEs, using fourier transform. 

How can I apply fourier transform to get solution of my problem


Thank you 

Dear all

I have two matrices represent ( f(x[i],y[j])  and  g(x[i],y[j]) of a  given two dimensional functions.

How can I use thoses values of matrices to compute the largest distance between the two curves.

Many thanks





Dear all

Can we compute the following integral using maple 

   int(cos(3+sin(x)), x = 0 .. 5)

Many thanks 



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