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These are questions asked by Zeineb

Dear all 

I have an ideal, and code its definition  and I compute the height  but no result return. There is an error. 


Thank you for you help

Dear all

I possess an integral function that is multiplied by an accompanying coefficient. How can I automatically isolate and extract the coefficient that appears outside the integral function?


Thank you

Hello everyone,

I've encountered a problem with a piece of code involving an integral that should theoretically yield an exact solution. However, when running the code in Maple, I'm not getting the expected output


Your assistance in resolving this matter would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your help.

Dear all

I would like to plot a rectangular cylinder,, but the code does not generates a cylinder 


Thank you in advance for your help 

Dear all

I have a system of differential equation with initial condition. 
I try to get the exact solution bur unfortunattely dsolve does not return the exact solution of my system 


Thank you 

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