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I have a sequence defined by recurrence. I would like to simplify the code so that I can compute all elements of my sequence.






Dear all

I have a first-order complex ODE, I would like to use the polar coordinates to find the associated system of the ordinary differential equation then I determine the equilibrium point of the system and deduce that there is at least one limit cycle.

many thanks for your help



Dear all

If we travel in straight lines in R^3. We begin at the point A=(1, 2, 3)
in the direction of the vector (1, 2, 2) and we end at the final point (10, 11, 12).

We made a single 90-degree turn.

Can we sketch a figure and we show the position where we take the turn?



Dear all

I hope to solve a linear system AX=bk where A is a nxn matrix and X is a nx1 vector and b is a vector from the canonical basis of R^n ( for example in R^3 : b1=[ 1 0 0], b2 =[ 0 1 0] and b3=[ 0 0 1]





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