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In doing the above mentioned to convert to an atomic identifier, I then tried to do my integral again (its not that I can't solve said integral, I just like playing with maple =) ), and not go! So I selected the t[0] in the integral -> covert to atomic identifier, then presto changeo, it works. This is quite tedious is I was using more than one subscript... I'm really surprised there is no other way....other than using the palette menu.
I'll try that. I had previously just been using t_0 to get my t[0]
Wow...I had no idea! I really like using vars like t[0]. I agree with ^^. This is a bug or should at least be better documented! JacquesC , you see to think there is a shortcut for this?
>People start getting away with not using * for multiplication as you did with your factor 1/m, etc. and it all goes down hill from there. Actually I did...Because that is one thing I know not to do! Must have disappeared in the copy - paste somehow...? So, hitting t 0, isn't really just creating a new variable? Damn ... Most irritating. Is there any way around this? That also explains this.
why can't one use t[0]?
identical to plot, but that automatically set up the pi/x (where xeR) for you, as I will never remember that huge command argument.
Thank you very much. Too bad there isn't a plottrig like function...
Excellent. Thanks you. >math typesetting in plots What does this mean exactly? When setting tick marks, is it possible to have pi/4 (symbolic) , instead of 0.25*pi
Hmm, must have been that sole session, as it works now. I should have mentioned this in my previous post, but t is the only real variable here. Omega, and b are constants. Sorry about not specifying that. I suppose doing b=1..1.000001 would give a pretty straightforward approx of b=1, while not including omega in the eqn, as omega, in this context, is a constant angular velocity, b is a constant radius, and theta is changing as a function of time t. Cheers Chris
Thanks for the reply. When I try your input verbatim, I get an empty plot! Any ideas why? Is it because of the coord differences like you mentioned? As well, b is a constant value...Which maple doesn't like...Any way around this? //edit: also a fun fact: when I changed pi & theta, maple just hung... Cheers Chris
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