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is there a reason this doesn't solve? (1/m)(int(b*t*(t[o]-t), t = 0 .. T)) it just spits out (int(b*t*(t[o]-t), t = 0 .. T))/m which isn't helpful...
Just purchases Maple 11, and was trying to sort out how to add the new trig labels to a plot. Couldn't find anything in the helps docs. Most likely was looking in the wrong spot. Anyways, any help would be grand. Cheers
Is it possible to mix geom3d and plot3d surfaces, and plot in the same plot? Ie, draw a sphere then overlay a spherical [r,theta,phi] plot.? Cheers Chris
I have a mechanics question with position given by phi = omega t theta = (1/2)Pi * (1+ (1/4)cos(4*omega*t)) r = b This is to be solved in spherical coords. That's not the problem. I solved this just fine, but I would really like to plot this to see what it looks like! Checking the help pages in maple, it says plot3d expects a function r(theta,phi) (might be the other way around?). So, is there a way to plot my 3 parts, or, failing that, how do I turn that into r wrt phi and theta? Cheers Chris PS. How do you post 2D math? I tried, but nothing really worked?
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